Thinking inside the square

Its really nice to be shooting in squares for once, no need for deciding between shooting something portrait or landscape. I am borrowing a Yashica-Mat LM TLR from a friend and so far have only loaded one roll through it, Ilford XP2 black and white. Most of the shots I ended up with were slightly out of focus as I am not really used to the dark top down viewfinder.

For those unfamiliar with TLR’s (Twin Lens Reflex) they are a essentially a box with two lenses on the front, the top lens goes through a mirror and is viewable from above when you open the pop up viewfinder, the bottom lens exposes the image on to the film and as you adjust the focus both lenses work in unison.
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Von Thundersvolt, Arc of Ascent and Beast Wars

On Friday I went along to the show at San Fran Bath House. I arrived part way into Von Thundersvolt and took a few photos before going and finding some beer, by the time I sorted that they were packing up their gear. I caught all of Arc of Ascent‘s set and it was great to see them again, they have improved since the last time I saw them, they were so heavy, great stoner rock. The main bar was crowded for Beast Wars so I only managed to get a few shots of the singer through the crowd before I decided to just go back outside.
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Up The Punks 2012: No Wave Spacktackular

A big thank you to John Lake and everyone else behind the organising of Up The Punks 2012, I have really enjoyed the exhibition and the accompanying shows. Punks Still Angry was great and The DILFs were on excellent form however I only managed to take photos at the No Wave Spacktackular show last night.

I only managed to catch Johnny and The Felchers, Mr Sterile Assembly, Rogernomix and So So Modern. Check the photos out!
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Muay Thai Kickboxing with Jason Gascoigne

Last week a friend of mine, Jason Gascoigne was training for his Muay Thai fight and I went along to document the training and the fight itself. This was the first time I had been to a fight so I didn’t really know what to expect, and in hindsight I could have shot this series a little better but overall I am happy with the outcome. In preparation for his fight Jason spent three weeks training in Thailand followed by a week of training at the Muay Thai Institute in Wellington when he returned. (Sadly I only got to document the training at MTI)
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This is Yoannah, when we flatted together after I had just moved to Wellington I used to use her as a model whenever I came up with ideas for photos. These photos are from when we re-arranged the lounge and Yoannah sat on the couch throwing a big scarf type thing around, we got some cool results and I always wanted to do something with them. After having them on my hard drive for almost two years now I figured I should just post them here on my blog.
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