Posted in July 2012

Parrotdog Brewery

Parrotdog is a craft beer brewing company that has been gathering momentum since wining a range of awards at beervana and the beer awards last year. Over the last few months I have been documenting the set up of their new micro brewery situated at 29 Vivian St, Wellington. It has been great to see the transformation from big empty warehouse to fully functioning brewery with the help of various cranes, heavy machinery and hard work.

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Roadtripping to Smakdown

Hamtown Smakdown is an annual hardcore show in Hamilton that is spread over two days and usually features the best current hardcore bands in the country. Over the years it has seen reunion shows, one-off cover bands, and final shows.

In 2011 I went on a road trip there with some friends and their bands. There was beer, $5 wine, fighting, fire, bees and swimming involved. As well as some bands playing here and there.

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Thrash Palace

Thrash Palace was the best thing happening in Hamilton when I lived there. It was kind of an anomaly, a house in a residential area that had a big empty lounge for bands to play in and at times would have 2 or 3 shows in a week, yet very rarely had noise control (well, that I noticed anyway). The Palace existed as a DIY venue/party house for a while before I moved to Hamilton, so I don’t really know a whole lot about its beginnings. But I did attend some great shows there and had many good times.
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That time Converge came to New Zealand

I’ve decided to go back through some old photos over time and tell some stories about shows and things I have photographed. To start that off I decided to write about the time that Converge came to New Zealand.

Converge were a band that many of us in the hardcore scene had wanted to see for the longest time, and in their 20 years of existence they have only graced our shores this one time. Needless to say there was a lot of excitement around their shows here. The tour started out with just two R18 shows, in Auckland and Wellington with an extra all ages show added for Hamilton at the last minute.

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