Parrotdog Brewery

Parrotdog is run by Matt Kristofski, Matt Stevens and Matt Warner and is  a craft beer brewing company that has been gathering momentum since winning a range of awards at beervana and the beer awards last year. Over the last few months I have been documenting the set up of their new micro brewery situated at 29 Vivian St, Wellington.

It has been great to see the transformation from big empty warehouse to fully functioning brewery with the help of various cranes, heavy machinery and hard work.
Photo by Alex Meagher
Not to be missed is the fact that the three Matt’s have made this brewery happen from the ground up, literally. They have been heavily involved in the set up of their dream, picking up the tools and doing the hard yards themselves rather than contracting out. They can be seen in these photos digging out the drains, pouring concrete, loading in the big tanks, and stressing out while watching expensive machinery be lifted off the back of a truck.

It takes a lot of courage to leave your day jobs and begin a project as big as this, to be the ones that pick up the tools and lay the foundations for their future.

A big thank you to the boys at Parrotdog for letting me be a part of this. Last night I attended a sneak preview tasting session and I must say, the hard work has been worth it. Head down to Hop Garden tomorrow for their public launch if you want to get your hands on some and have a taste for yourself.

Parrotdog launches Saturday 21st July at Hop Garden, just two blocks away from their brewery.

Keep an eye out for Parrotdogs full range at some of the best bars in Wellington and soon the rest of the country.

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